Goole 2nd March 2014

Goole 2nd March 2014

Goole 2nd March 2014

17 players from Hull Judo Club attended the Goole Judo Championships on 2nd March 2014. A majority of the players were either attending their first or their second competition. The level of performance of the most players showed much promise.The following players collected bronze medals in the under 12 age category for their performances:Nathaniel Peck U38 kilos, Conah Little U38 kilos, Brendan Gilligan U42 Kilos, Louise Jessop U32 Kilos,

Tilly Ingram U36 kilos.

Freddie Willis U38 Kilos collected a Silver medal in the under 12 age category. Jared Kirkpatrick U38 kilos, Amerra Jessop U44, and Alanis Willis U52 kilos collected bronze medals in the 12 to 16 age category

The following players are to be commended for their performances which yielded no medals on the day : Daiy Kennedy U42 kilos, Ella Osullivan U44 kilos, Jack Tanton U55 kilos, John Holyman U55 kilos,

Joshua Jackson U45 kilos and Joshua Hutchinson U42 kilos.

Congratulations to everyone.