Gilligan gets Gold

Gilligan Gets Gold

Brendan Gilligan of Hull Judo Club took part in the 2015 British Junior Judo Championships in the Pre-Cadet section. The event took place in Sheffield and was attended by Judoka from all i ver Britain. Brendan got a bye in the first round. In the second round he threw his opponent for Wazzari and then held him down in a pin for another Wazzari, which led to a win by an Ippon score. In the semi-final Brendan controlled the first third of the fight throwing for two yuko scores, then in the middle part of the fight he gave away a yuko score. In the final third of the fight he stepped up his performance level and threw his opponent for ippon to end the fight with a place in the final.

In the final he dominated proceeding by getting his grips first and attempting his favourite throw uchimata. He missed with his first attempt but made no mistake with hs second attempt when threw his opponent for ippon in the first ten seconds of the final. So Brendan is now the British champion of Britain for his age and weight. He can now look forward to representing his country in 2016.